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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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american, hey you nasty chef from tv and i'm holy [ bleep ] i'm trying to have dinner. yeah, hi, it's me [ bleep ]. so yeah, it does have its downside. >> are you going to leave that section? get in the game! >> reporter: william lajeunesse, fox news. the news keeps coming, shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. we begin in maryland, a guilty verdict reached against a man who posed as a pepco employee and killed three businessmen. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom now with the news edge. >> this was a senseless murder of a man loved by his family, friends and neighbors. 46-year-old john haston of clinton was found guilty today of a slew of charges including first degree murder in the death of that businessman david williams. a co-defendant had already pleaded guilty for his role in the shooting. john haston may never again see the light of day outside a prison. he's facing life behind bars plus 60 years for a crime that shocked this quiet upscale
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bowie community. david williams' fiancee and two children ages 2 and 10 no longer live here. neighbors were pleased to hear about the verdict. >> although we still miss the family very much, we hope this brings them some closure and that they can go on with their lives. >> it was last july 12th when a co-defendant knocked on williams' door on living stone lane. 50-year-old craig brooks of northeast d.c. pretended to be a pepco employee. williams let him in. the very next day brooks returned with his buddy john haston. they tied up williams, robbed, shot and killed him. >> before they left they took a throw pillow, put it over a gun to muzzle the sound and shot mr. williams in his chest. >> police believe williams was targeted because the suspects figured he had coins and cash from his laundromat chains. craig brooks who pleaded guilty earlier was scheduled to go on trial in a similar trial in
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glen burnie. he tied up the homeowner with duct tape and held a gun on her. that victim reported the attack and gave a suspect description but only recognized him when prince george's county police released pictures of brooks in the williams murder. >> anyone who intends to rob and murder those within the border of our county we will do everything within our power to bring them to justice. >> pepco and prosecutors say there are lessons to be learned. ask for id of anyone coming to your door. if you have any suspicions, call police. $1,200 in cash, a laptop, camera, jewelry and electronic equipment were stolen during the robbery. sentencing for john haston is set for july 20th. craig brooks has already been sentenced to 50 years plus five years of supervised probation. another big story tonight, prince george's county police are investigating a home invasion. it happened in maryland city east of laurel. tonight a man and his mother are talking about the breaken
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in and how the man fought off not just one, but two intruders. they shared their story with fox 5's wisdom martin. they had to be terrified. >> one of the victims we spoke with tonight said it nearly scared her to death to find a stranger in her house when she woke up that early in the morning. monday before 4 a.m. betty ann o'neil heard aphids, woke up and found that stranger in -- heard a noise, woke up and found that stage in her room with her pocketbook. her son came and n and wrestled with the suspect -- in and wrestled with the sun and then a second suspect came in -- subject and then a second suspect came in and fought with the son as well. it still wasn't over. as the o'neils barricade themselves behind the bedroom door, one of the burglars came back and tried to force his way into the bedroom. >> i was screaming go away. >> he says i've got a gun. i'll shoot you. >> just makes me mad that someone would come into my
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home, take my money and luckily not my life and hurt my son. it makes me angry. >> now the suspects ran away minutes before the police arrived. also police say that same morning a few minutes earlier there was a burglary on elton south, a 91-year-old woman reported she woke up with a suspect shining in her face. the suspect ran away. she went into her medicine cabinet and found that it had been rifled through but nothing was taken. she did not have a suspect description in that burglary. >> scary situation. thank you. the news edge on the district, three people under arrest after a murder in a southeast apartment building led to a big fight outside. as you can see, emotions were flaring this morning after police say a woman stabbed her neighbor amber kent to death. officers began searching for the suspect and people who knew both women began arriving there at the scene and a fight broke
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out. police arrested two men accused of attacking another man on the scene. they also later arrested the suspect cydrisse alvin who is charged with first degree murder. the news edge is monitoring metro tonight as the future of the civil line hangs in the balance. more than 100 people packed the public meeting tonight. officials are trying too decide whether to commit hundreds of mill -- to decide whether to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for that service. as you can man, the opinions were mixed. -- imagine, the opinions were mixed. >> it will not improve transportation. the higher tolls will drive cars off the toll road. >> the silver line extension would be an economic engine to stimulate smart growth and be a positive asset. >> a decision on the future of the silver line is expected in about a month. now to the campaign trail, the ad wars heating up between president obama and mitt romney. team obama is attacking romney's record as governor of
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massachusetts saying he ruined the state's economy. fox's james rosen has the latest. >> it started like this. >> i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. >> but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. >> reporter: shifting focus from bain capital, the obama- biden campaign took aim instead at mitt romney's tenure as elected official spending $10 million to run in ad in nine swing states. >> when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. it fell to 47th in job creation. >> on friday we got a very bad economic jobs number on the economy and so it shouldn't be a surprise that on monday the obama campaign would come out swinging against romney's economic record as governor. >> reporter: aides to romney countered on his watch the bay state's jobless rate fell to
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4.7% while the nation's unemployment rate remained above 8% the last 40 months. romney also enlisted small businessmen in 11 swing statements as surrogates, among them jim gill crist whose metalworks in hudson new hampshire romney toured five months ago. >> it's hard for me to run my business. i want a mitt romney. i want somebody who can generate equity for me, not a fundraising professor that blames others. >> i didn't like the vampire stuff. >> reporter: in this web only video the conservative super pac american crossroads sought to draw contrast with the uplifting hope and change message of four years ago, but a veteran republican pollster urged a different approach. >> when the romney campaign was on the message of we can do better, they started moving up in the polls. they have to continue that message and be less insider washington driven. >> reporter: cantar media which tracks political advertising reports that since rick santorum dropped out of
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the primary democrats have run 56% of all ads, republicans 44%. still to come on the news edge tonight, are you red did to retire? -- ready to retire? what if we told you economists are suggesting people work well into their golden years to help fight the global financial crises? >> also more speed cameras going live this week. >> here's a look at some of the other stories on our rundown. then at 11:00 is coming right back. -- the the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪
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how would you feel about postponing your retirement to say 70, 75, even 80 years old? the ceo of an international insurance company says that is a major component to getting the worldwide financial crisis under control. fox's elizabeth macdonald explains. >> reporter: people might have to start getting used to the idea of their golden years starting much later in life. the ceo of aig saying in an interview over the weekend that raising the retirement age up to as high as 80 years old is the key to solving the european debt crisis and all here in the united states and other financial problems throughout the world. >> we haven't accepted one thing that's happened to society in the last 20 or 30 years. we're living longer. >> he talked about this issue
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with neil cavuto in a fox business network several months ago. he's repeating his call for hiking the retirement age in all parts of the world saying it would make everything from pensions to medical services cheaper. right now in greece according to published reports, the average life expectancy is 81 years old, but the expected retirement age is under 60 years old. the new socialist party president in france has pledged to cut their retirement age lowering it from age 62 to age 60 while jacking up corporate and bank taxes and introducing a new levy on earnings higher than 1 million euros. >> medicine is better, health is better, longevity is there. the retirement system at 65 is not affordable. we have to have a retirement age at least 70, if not 75 to make that afford pant. >> reporter: there could be a catch. while raising the retirement
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age might ease problems now particularly when it comes to pension and social security, it might worsen a really big problem worldwide, youth unemployment and those youths are needed in the united states to fund social security. for more speed cameras in d.c. to allowing younger kids on facebook, here's laura evans with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight, shawn, a new way to download your favorite music. no. 5, say good-bye to zune and hello to x-box music offering a library of more than 30 million songs. users will be able to access music on all microsoft devices including pcs, window's 8 tablet and phones in addition to the x-box 360. no. 4, women who survive childhood cancer may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer. a new study found 24% of women treated with chest radiation developed breast cancer by age 50. experts say they may need annual mammograms. no. 3 starbucks getting into the
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pastry business. they will start replacing current pastries with the french croissants. no. 2, facebook is considering options like linking a child's profile to a parent's account to allow parents to supervise. no. 1, heads of, as of this week there will be -- head up, as of this week there will be two dozen more speed cameras operating in d.c. the city already has a dozen and another 25 go live wednesday that. means if the cameras catch you speeding, you will get a ticket. that's tonight's fox 5 top five. a massachusetts man went up in flames barbecuing when his charcoal grill ignited his sunscreen. a warning, these pictures are graphic. these are the severe burns that
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brett sigworth suffered. this is 10 days after the incident. he apply bad nana boat's aerosol spray-on sunscreen -- applied banana boat's aerosol spray-on sunscreen a few minutes before tending the grill. >> going into complete panic mode, just screamed. i've never experienced pain like that in my life. just the way it burned. it went wherever the sun block went. that's where it burned. >> the company that brief do uses the sunscreen is defending its -- produces the sunscreen is defending its product. they said we are concerned to hear about the experience. we take these matters seriously and will begin a prompt investigation. >> what are we investigating weatherwise? we have something special tomorrow. >> yes. we've got venus and the sun, the transit of venus where the the dot of venus will move across the sun which you do not want to look directly at
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between 6:00 and 8:30 tomorrow night. we'll be watching that for you in our early news and you can follow along with sky guy's blog on our website cool stuff there, but there could be some showers around tomorrow. so we hope that doesn't occur between 6:00 and 8:30. if it does rain here, you can still see it online somewhere else. live look across the city tonight, a few showers out there and one in particular that's pretty sizable. we'll start out with radar. the same storm and it's kind of a downpour moving south along the western side of the bay now into central calvert county south of chesapeake beach, probably getting some good rain out of. this it's kind of a lone ranger and it may hold together down into st. mary's county. so a little rain heading your way. i have not seen lightning in the last 45 minutes. we'll watch that. over to our sentinel radar and again looking at that same storm we'll put it in motion for the last couple hours. you can see how it's moving exactly on the west side of the bay. there are a couple other little
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things on the other side weakening east of ease easton as this comes down from pennsylvania. this energy rotates from southeastern pennsylvania and fining more showers through southern pennsylvania -- finding more showers through southern pennsylvania as well. we'll keep a shower in the forecast especially if you live across maryland. don't be surprised if some of these are floating around in the early morning. for the most part we'll see afternoon showers tomorrow and probably not much in the way of thunder. we have our own cool weather pattern in the mid-atlantic and northeast, not far south because you can see raleigh was 83. d.c. was 75, rochester only 57 and boston 52. we have a big whirlpool of cooler air here that's blocked and not able move. it will sit here a few days. meanwhile it's so hot across much of the rest of the country, high temperature in st. louis today 93 degrees, dallas 94, even omaha 90 degrees and this wants to get
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in here. look at the triple digits in the desert. it will get in here for the weekend. we'll be pushing 90 as early as sunday and maybe into next week. enjoy the brief break from our sizzling heat and humidity. temperature now 68. hagerstown is 59, culpeper 57, so we're headed for a cool night, overnight lows dropping to the 50s in many spots. there will be a couple clouds around and showers here and there. the isolated storm was because we did see lightning in the storm over the calvert county area, but it will just be a couple showers for the most part. tomorrow is cool for june, 73 degrees with scattered showers in the afternoon, not as windy as today. at 8 a.m. you might need a jacket at 59 degrees. by noon we're up to 68 with the possibility of a shower and by 5:00 scattered showers, temperature 70. we wrap it up with the five-day forecast. getting a little warmer toward the end of the week throwing a thunderstorm in the mix thursday with a temperature of 78.
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then high pressure takes over blocking out showers and storms for the weekend, friday 80, saturday 86 degrees. summer will be returning, but we're talking about all kinds of things in sport. lindsay murphy is here with an update on the wizards, nats and redskins. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> hello, everybody. the wizards decided to bring randy wittman back next season. he took the team over in january and they gained momentum under his leadership. president ernie grunfeld believes he's the one to help build that. on january 24th wittman was named head coach of the wiz after flip saunders was fired for the 2-15 start of the team. after wittman took over the wizards went 18-31, not great, but they won eight of their final 10 games including six in a row to conclude the season. the way the team finished proves critical for wittman. >> those are great attributes to have in your players and team and, of course, then the decision to me in talking to
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ernie afterwards was hey, i'd love to go forward and see where we can take this. >> they played the right way and did the kind of things he asked them to do on the floor. it's nice that the players said something verbally, but i think they spoke louder by their actions on the court. >> speaking of on the court, tonight game 5 of the western conference finals spurs hosting the thunder. 2nd half manu ginobili making his first career play start, 23 points after three quarters. spurs in the lead. later in the 3rd quarter tony parker has his pocket picked by kevin durant to russell westbrook for the alley-oop slam and the thunder have a three-point lead. let's go to the final seconds of the 3rd quarter. durant beats the buzzer with a fade-away j. in the 4th quarter thunder lead 93-85. tonight the nationals selected 17-year-old right- handed pitcher lucas giolito with the 16th overall pick in the 2012 first year player
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draft. he went 9-1 with 78 strikeouts and a 1.00 e.r.a. in 70 1/3 innings in. other words, he's good. he's a senior at harvard west lake in studio city, california. despite an elbow injury he was too good to pops. >> the most impactful -- to pass up. >> the most impactful guy in each and every round is who we try to get. this stood out to us in that vein, this is a guy that can impact a rotation and a guy that is a big physical guy that if it's in with the other big physical hard throwing guys that we already have. the nats compared him to roy halladay, pretty good compliment. when we come back the redskins top free agent signing weighs in on the receiving corps.
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welcome back. the redskins have brought in wide receivers they believe will complement robert griffin, iii. pierre garcon leads the group of free agents acquisitions. he played his first five seasons with the colt, last year the best, 70 catches and six touchdowns. josh morgan played high school football here at woodson and collegiately played at virginia tech and santana moss returns for his eighth season, veteran of the group. garcon was asked his thoughts on the redskins receivers. >> we got a leader in santana moss. he's been here a while, a very
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great player. we have josh and armstrong, those guys are very good, fast and athletic and we have a lot of young guys that are very fast as well and athletic. we just have to find the best fit for our team and get it going. >> going to be a good competition to watch this summer. today the capitals traded tomas vokoun to the penguins. last year vokoun posted a 25-17- 2 record with a 2.51 goals average in 48 games. he suffered a groin injury late in the season and did not suit up in the playoffs. tonight game 3 of the stanley cup finals kings hosting the devils. 2nd period kings up 1 -0. justin williams, a pass to dustin brown who centers in front to anze kopitar who beat martin brodeur. kings shut out the devils 4-0 and lead the series three games to none. that's a look at sports, but the news edge will be right back. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. right ?
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we're taking the edge off with a clef invention. it's a gun holster -- a clever invention. it's a gun holster for bras. the flash bang holster makes it easier to conceal your gun under your shirt. the maker said it caught the eye of the props department for the show in cis los angeles. one of the actresses actually wore the holster for the season finale. now you have the news edge. we will see you back here tomorrow night. have a good night, everybody. 
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